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Clean USBL for Dynamic Positioning

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Clean USBL for Dynamic Positioning
Clean USBL

Clean USBL for Dynamic Positioning

Often USBL cannot be used as a DP position reference system in deeper water as the noise (position jitter) causes the DP desk to reject the system. The time and cost of deploying and calibrating an LBL array for short term operations in these water depths can significantly impact the competitiveness of many vessels. In addition to the inherent positioning jitter seen within USBL systems, acoustic anomalies such as thruster noise and other interference are also detrimental to the reliability and accuracy of USBL.

Zupt’s “Clean USBL” smoothing solution works in conjunction with our customers’ existing USBL systems to greatly improve the reliability and relative accuracy by up to 70% to maintain a valid DP position reference sensor into the desk. Our USBL smoothing system effectively cleans acoustic data in real time, and provides a reliable high update rate of position to the DP desk. Integrating the USBL smoothing system is a cost-effective method for remaining compliant with class rules and providing a reliable additional position reference sensor.

Advantages of “Clean USBL”:

  • Improved Relative Position Accuracy
  • Cost Effective
  • Easily integrates with any installed UBSL system
  • Can be installed in parallel with ongoing operations
  • High update rate positioning
  • Increased repeatability
  • Available for short term rental as well as purchase