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Reliable Position Reference Sensors

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Reliable Position Reference Sensors
Reliable Position Reference Sensors

Reliable Position Reference Sensors

Differential GPS (DGPS) and Acoustic technologies have been relied on in many offshore dynamic positioning operations, however, both are susceptible to short-term outages which can be detrimental to these critical DP operations. This outage time can be effectively eliminated with Zupt’s D-PINS inertial position reference sensor coupled with the existing DP systems. When DGPS and/or Acoustics systems drop offline, D-PINS provides highly accurate and reliable position reference data to the DP desk to allow valuable time to bring these systems back online without loss of data to DP operations.

Using the combined data of Zupt’s D-PINS with DGPS and Acoustics will provide critical redundancy for dynamic positioning operations for increased precision and accuracy. Our inertial navigation systems are not affected by external issues such as signal degradation from multipath, or noise interference associated with acoustic positioning systems. Our inertial position reference sensors provide the same precision as DGPS and Acoustics while simultaneously incorporating highly accurate heading and attitude data.

Training and system integration of our position reference sensor system is extremely easy. The D-PINS can be installed and operated offline while offering the DP operator the ability to compare real time DGPS and Acoustic data. Once the DP operator is comfortable with the system it can be brought online like any other DP system.

Advantages of D-PINS:

  • Increased redundancy and reliability
  • Adds valuable minutes of reliable positioning during outages
  • Works in conjunction with existing DP systems
  • Takes in data from existing DGPS and acoustic systems
  • Provides audit trail for operator history