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Featured Product – B-PINS

Featured Product – B-PINS

B-PINSTM is a precise survey tool specifically designed to provide accurate positioning and navigation in GPS denied areas such as under dense vegetation or in urban canyon situations.

B-PINSTM is a self contained system including:

  • High-performance inertial sensors
  • Data fusion software
  • Hand held data collector – ReconTM PDA
  • Power supply – Li Ion batteries
  • Rugged backpack

B-PINSTM has applications in land seismic surveys, military or tactical GPS denied areas and emergency or disaster response tracking.

Continuous improvements in weight reduction through the use of proven battery technology, processor selection and man-machine interfaces (data collectors) delivers a powerful lightweight solution. The handheld data collector is a field proven ReconTM PDA. Through the Z-INGTM software various survey capabilities exist and this software has been specifically developed to deliver standard file formats commonly used in seismic survey software, such as GPSeismic®.

The unit has been designed for rugged field applications. The upper shell is molded in a lightweight sturdy plastic that is shock and crack resistant, impervious to sunlight and other natural elements. The pack can be immersed in water up to 30% of its height. The high-performance inertial sensors integrated into this backpack and Zupt’s unique software delivers proven positioning accuracy that is significantly better than the survey tolerances accepted by the international seismic acquisition community.

Please contact us for a discussion of positioning accuracies in various scenarios and sample data sets from field operations.

Part Numbers:
Backpack Inertial Navigation system B-PINS


  • Lightweight portable solution
  • Real-time Positioning under all conditions
  • Static RTK GPS/INS integration
  • Real-time quality control availability
  • Higher production than optical surveys
  • Reduced vegetation clearing
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Improved operational safety
  • Post-processing – maximum accuracy
  • Bluetooth comms to Recon from backpack


  • Wireless delivered RTK GPS integration
  • Satellite delivered wide area RTK GPS int.
  • Higher accuracy two person carry option


  • >10 hours operations on single battery set
  • Continuous operations with hot swap battery
  • Complete B-PINS weight Job file configuration through GPSeismic®
  • Operating Temperature -3ºC to 55ºC
  • Storage Temperature -20ºC to 90ºC