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Featured Product – C-PINS

Featured Product – C-PINS

Subsea Precise Inertial Navigation System
C-PINS is a survey tool specifically designed to provide precise positioning and navigation for most offshore subsea marine construction operations including:

  • Jumper and Spoolpiece Metrologies
  • Pipeline Out-of-Straightness surveys
  • Buoy Setting for Well Installation
  • Structure (manifold, PLET, PLEM, etc) installations
  • Pipeline and Umbilical Installation
  • USBL smoothing, Sparse LBL
  • Decommissioning

C-PINS delivers the same precision as conventional acoustic underwater positioning systems, but consumes much less spread time for deployment, calibration and operations.

While developing the C-PINS, Zupt has focused on solving specific limitations that we believe exist within other subsea aided inertial systems:

  • Tightly coupled LBL observations allow dynamic use of lines of position (LoPs) or very sparse LBL
  • LBL time of validity (tov) is ensured through direct sampling of LBL communications
  • DVL is coupled at the beam level for a more reliable solution.
  • Unlike other systems, USBL is used to aid the inertial system – not the other way around.
  • Navigation processing is on the vehicle which significantly reduces issues due to slip ring outages and bandwidth demands. We just need serial communications to the surface.
  • Our IMUs are not “one size fits all.” We select specific IMU’s to be installed in each C-PINS system based on our customers’ error model requirements.