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Specialized Tooling for Your Metrology

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Specialized Tooling for Your Metrology

We’re all aware of the complexity of subsea structures. With different types of wellheads, manifolds, PLETs and FLETs come different types of connectors. Having dealt with horizontal, vertical, stab and hinge over (SHO), slip flanges and many other hub types, Zupt has developed a variety of tooling specific to each connector. Our focus is not only on precise and accurate data being collected for metrology surveys, but also operational efficiency during data acquisition.

Zupt’s subsea inertial navigation system, C-PINS, has been interfaced to a large variety of receptacles. From our experience, we felt the need to develop a standardized receptacle for most of these operations. This design was based on the commonly used smart wire receptacle (SWM). To achieve higher accuracy in heading pitch and roll, we made the footprint slightly larger than the SWM receptacle and modified the original receptacle design to increase operational efficiency. This drawing set is available free of charge from Zupt.

In addition to the receptacle, Zupt has optimized our standard rotating stab to provide easy 360 degree rotation while stabbed. This stab locks into place every 90 degrees of rotation to allow us to remove any instrument mounting offsets from the attitude data collected by C-PINs.


Large diameter rotating stab


Large diameter SWM receptacle

When a standard receptacle is not available custom tooling is used. Some examples of this tooling:


If receptacles are not available on the structure, we can install temporary tooling to establish known offsets to reference points on the structure such as this trouser plate below:


These examples are just a few ways Zupt utilizes different tooling to allow C-PINS to interface to a variety of subsea structures. Zupt excels at providing custom solutions to unique tooling issues. If you have any tooling questions or would like a set of drawings for our standard receptacle, feel free to contact us at