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Marine Construction
Marine Construction

Marine Construction

Zupt offers inertial survey and positioning products and services for various marine construction applications. Our capabilities significantly increase productivity by reducing vessel and ROV time consumed to provide precise relative and absolute deepwater positioning for many marine construction activities. The benefits of inertial navigation – improved accuracy, increased speed of deployment, and real time quality metrics – allow Zupt to provide substantial cost savings for our customers.

Zupt provides inertial navigation services for diverse marine construction applications, including:

Metrology – providing repeatable, reliable positioning data while consuming minimal ROV/spread time. A local, relative positioning problem well suited to our aided inertial solution.

Local field development positioning – such as buoy setting for new well locations over a 300m x 300m area, can be completed in a few hours to significantly reduce the operational time consumed to deploy and calibrate local or large LBL. With our aided solutions (sparse LBL or USBL smoothing), we can negate the need for an LBL array or significantly reduce the LBL beacon count.

Wide area deepwater absolute positioning – 3,000m x 3,000m field wide control with significantly reduced acoustic observation sets. For these operations we reduce vessel and ROV spread time consumed due to less hardware deployed on the seabed. Such an application is deepwater permanent suction mooring installations.

Deepwater pipeline “as built” survey – – improving the survey deliverable from conventional USBL systems by combining the USBL with an aided inertial solution to make LBL unnecessary. This system increases the update rate and quality of positioning and attitude for ROV based tasks such as bathymetry (multibeam), visualization, and automation.

Zupt’s inertial solutions are capable of performing in shallow water shelf operations (200m) to deep frontier locations (4000m), and our services are highly customizable to fit our customers’ requirements and specifications.