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    We care about efficient projects for clients through focusing on accuracy and reliability using our technology.


    Who We Are

    We are invested in helping people move towards efficiency through developing technology to revolutionize operations for a simpler future.


    1. We are a small company who can say yes faster

    2. We are experts delivering unique solutions for clients’ projects

    3. We make complex technology easy to use

    4. We have a true understanding of the integration of navigation, positioning, localization, and perception sensors

    5. We leverage technology and operations to deliver timely results 

  • Our Story

    Our Story

    Through the early years, the small team at Zupt was unsatisfied with the environmental impact and time consumed for conventional land survey techniques used for onshore seismic data acquisition. They first introduced an inertial navigation instrument that was carried by two people (A-PINS). This solved the environmental impact and efficiency issue but created a health and safety issue. Two people carrying the same piece of equipment up and down the side of mountains and through swamps was not practical. This led to the introduction of the backpack portable INS (B-PINS) that has seen success around the world and has surveyed many tens of thousands of Kms.

    The team then took their focus to the subsea metrology operations where precise measurements are made between two structures in up to 4,000m water depth. This was also a development focused on efficiency and saving many hours of vessel time consumed to complete metrology surveys – saving both time and the carbon footprint for these operations.

    The strong focused engineering and operations team at Zupt continues to revolutionize the way that various measurements and repetitive operations are completed. Zupt remains a small business focusing on helping people make what is complex simple, Zupt continues to find better and newer ways to do things where others do not try.

    Applying our knowledge in other Industries: Zupt Autonomous Products and Technologies (ZAPT) 



    Q: How big is Zupt?
    A: With a core staff of 18 people, we supplement our offshore services team with contractors who have been working with us for years. We conduct training courses for our core services to ensure properly certified contractors are available when work gets busy and we need to expand past our core staff.


    Q: Do you sell products or services?
    A: Both! We provide offshore services with personnel and equipment to perform a variety of offshore marine construction survey projects. Also, we have offshore products we exclusively sell, such as a Fusion Splice and MicroTTU. Some of the sensors used for our service provisions are not for direct sale. They are used only by Zupt trained staff to provide data deliverables to the end client, such as jumper metrology deliverables after conducting a metrology using our C-PINS inertial navigation system.


    Q: Where do you work?
    A: Zupt works worldwide! We have local content partners worldwide with a heavy presence in West Africa and the UK. We have performed marine construction survey work in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, West Africa (Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, Angola), Australia, South America, and the Bahamas. We work off of survey vessels, platforms, or rigs.


Mark D. Beaton – Senior Manager, Survey & Positioning Solutions – Oceaneering
“It was a pleasure to have Zupt involved with one of our Client’s projects. Their never say ‘no’ attitude and ability to work with us on a one-to-one basis clearly helped deliver a very successful and timely project.”
Mark D. Beaton – Senior Manager, Survey & Positioning Solutions – Oceaneering
Frederic Auger – Chief Surveyor – TotalEnergies
“Zupt has been a close partner of Total for many years. They have demonstrated a very high degree of professionalism and lots of competence in developing a pure Inertial solution for Deepwater metrology.”
Frederic Auger – Chief Surveyor – TotalEnergies
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