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Inertial Navigation Used in Well Bore Surveys

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Inertial Navigation Used in Well Bore Surveys

For the first time Zupt has proven our capabilities to profile Well Bores. Using a tool designed and build within 95 days we recently mapped a well for a major operator onshore. The results from this work were absolute coordinates (Northing, Easting and Elevation) along the full length of the well. The custom built inertial navigation tool was deployed to TD with the help of a well tractor for a large horizontal offset. The data was then post processed and compared to control survey reference points to determine the accuracy of the survey.

Zupt, LLC was able to achieve absolute accuracy at the bottom of the well to within approximately a meter, with less than a meter variance between separate surveys in the same well. We understand that this level of precision is unprecedented using current magnetic or well bore gyro techniques, and may be a game-changer for down hole surveys. While more testing and field operations are ongoing, Zupt, LLC is excited to bring this level of precision to the well bore mapping clients of the Oil and Gas industry.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the results produced by the W-PINS, please contact us at