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Zupt to Give Away a BMW M3 at Ocean Business 2015!

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Zupt to Give Away a BMW M3 at Ocean Business 2015!

April Fools! We admit it’s a bit mean to pull an April Fool’s prank a week after the fact, but we had to get your attention somehow!

Zupt will be at stand M3 at Ocean Business 2015, and unfortunately, no – there will not be a BMW M3 giveaway. Sorry about that. But while we still have your attention, we’d like to point out some scientifically-proven, consumer-tested comparisons between the stylish and very cool 2015 BMW M3 and the equally stylish, and equally cool Zupt C-PINS.

The BMW M3 boasts 425 horsepower to get you from point A to point B in no time flat.
Zupt C-PINS consumes only 75W and will give you the precise position of both Hubs using our inertial navigation technology for a quick and reliable metrology.

Fuel Economy:
The M3 gets 26 mpg, which for a sports car is pretty darn good.
Zupt C-PINS doesn’t even take gas, but the efficiency doesn’t end there. With no need to set up an array before metrology surveys, C-PINS makes marine construction surveys more efficient.

The M3 has M TwinPower Turbo Technology. Whatever that means. It sounds really cool.
Zupt C-PINS utilizes ultra-cool inertial technology that requires no line of sight, and noise is not an issue in busy marine construction operations.

The M3 comes with no-cost maintenance for 4 years, apparently.
Zupt C-PINS comes with service from the best inertial surveyors around who can provide offshore deliverables within 12 hours from the completion of a metrology.

In all seriousness, we’d love if you would pay us a visit at our stand. We’ll be there to talk about our inertial metrologies and other C-PINS applications, as well as the progress of our video mosaicking technology. Big things are happening at Zupt, and we’ll be at stand M3 to talk all about it.

See you there!