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Subsea Metrology

Subsea Metrology

Zupt’s inertial metrologies deliver all of the data that is required for jumper or spool fabrication while consuming much less vessel time than conventional acoustic methods. Over the past ~140 metrology surveys (Zupt’s Inertial Track Record) our system has shown that it exceeds the precision and accuracy required for even the most demanding fabrication tolerances. The small foot print of the system and ease of mobilization have been proven through multiple long-term contracts completed globally, including West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Central America, and the North Sea. Conventional techniques, such as LBL or range range acoustic surveys, have been the standard for metrology surveys for years, but these techniques continue to consume substantial amounts of vessel and ROV time to deploy array frames or complex subsea stands. Zupt’s inertial metrology method shortens the spread time necessary to perform subsea metrology operations, and thereby significantly reduces costs for our customers. The data delivered by our C-PINS inertial navigation solution is just as accurate as that of conventional techniques. In some instances accuracy is improved, as our method works in the presence of drilling noise and vibration and requires absolutely no line of sight for survey operations. Zupt’s inertial metrologies can be completed in as little as 6 hours.

One of the great advantages of this solution is the real-time quality control that is available during and immediately upon completion of our surveys. At any point in time as the data is being collected, we can identify to the client the accuracy of the solution in millimeters or fractions of a degree. The ability to know when we have a sufficient amount of data to stop collecting more is crucial to the overall efficiency of these surveys. We deliver raw data to our clients within an hour of survey completion. An Offshore Deliverable (ODEL) that contains all metrology data required for jumper fabrication is [delivered] to the customer prior to our departure from the survey platform, sometimes within 12 hours, more commonly within 24 hours.

The results of Zupt’s C-PINS metrologies consist of measurements for the construction of a jumper or spool piece that include:

  • Hub to Hub Horizontal Range
  • Depth Difference Between Hubs
  • Hub attitude (Heading, Pitch, Roll)
  • Alpha/Beta Angles between Hubs (for horizontal connectors)
  • Hub Step Heights
  • Bathymetric Profile of Jumper Route

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