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Clean USBL

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Clean USBL
Clean USBL

Clean USBL

Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) is used in ROV tracking operations as an alternative to time-consuming and costly Long Baseline (LBL) arrays. While USBL provides a convenient method of tracking ROVs and other subsea vehicles, it is highly susceptible to noise interference and position “jitter”. Zupt’s “Clean USBL” smoothing solution works with our customers’ existing USBL systems, and cleans this acoustic data in real time with high update rates to improve the reliability and accuracy of these tracking operations. When combined with the C-PINS system, USBL can be stretched to provide reliable positioning to increased water depths. In all cases, good USBL calibrations will still be required to deliver a known absolute accuracy of this solution.

Zupt’s USBL smoothing solution is a cost-effective method of maintaining accurate positioning data in subsea operations involving ROVs and other subsea vehicles.

Advantages of “Clean USBL”:

  • Improved Relative Position Accuracy
  • Cost Effective
  • Easily integrates with any installed USBL system
  • Can be installed in parallel with ongoing operations
  • High update rate positioning
  • Increased repeatability
  • Available for short term rental as well as purchase